Everything has Change in the Mall seen Nikki Moved to Iqaluit,the gang are back with new friends,new jobs and new Adventures.The events of each episode become material for a video diary Jen is making for her younger sister. Jen hopes the videos will provide useful advice for Emma jr after they have both grown up and Jen has moved out. Also at the end of each video, she (and/or other Chracters) states, "Good luck, Emma" or may even say it indirectly such as "Wish them good luck, Emma".

Main Characters:Edit

1.Jonesy Garica:the good Looking Guy and still Has No job,In season 3 he Wears a red shirt under a periwinkle jacket, a pair of blue jeans with yellow rings on the knees, and a different pair of blue sneakers,Jonesy is voiced by Terry McGurrin.

2.Jen Masterson:the responsible One and Now works to in the Pet store,She's the new Cheerleader at Riverdale High,In season 3 She the New Head Cheerleader and Wears Blue sweater and black pants,Jen is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock

3.Wyatt Williams:the Music guy and the new Manager at Burger Mcflipster's,In season 3 he wears a blue sweatshirt and brown pants,Wyatt is voiced by Jess Gibbons.

4.Caitlin cooke:the cute one with Long hair,Still works at the Lemon and Fellow Cheerleader at Riverdale High,in season 3 she wears Yellow and blue star t-shirt and blue sweatpants,Caitlin is voiced by Brooke D'Orsay.

5.Jude Lizowski:the skateboarding Guy and the Manager of the Skate Board Store,​Red Shirt w/ a Dark Red Circle at the Top Left on it. The Red Shirt is over a Dark Blue Shirt. Light Blue Shorts. White Socks, and Grey Shoes w/ Black Splotches on top,Jude is voiced by Christian Potenza.

6.Malcolm Reese:the New guy in the mall and Works at his Uncle's Pizza Palace,He and his Brother Lives with their Aunt and Uncle after their Parents Disaspered,he's wears a Orange shirt and Dark blue Pants,In season 3 he was a Black shirt with a Brown Jacket and Grey Pants,Malcolm is Voiced by Jason Griffith.

7.Nina Martinez:Jen's Childhood Friend,works at Club Pinapple and Fellow Cheerleader,She has dark red hair,Wears a Green shirt,blue cargos and wears glasses,In season 3 She No long Wears Glasses and Wears Pink top and white pants,Nina is Voiced by Samantha Boscarino.

Other Characters:Edit

1.Jessica and Chelsea Thompsons:Hannah's Daughters,Jessica is a brunette girl who wears a Light green shirt with a flower in it,wear dark green shorts and sandals.Chelsea is Jessica's twin sister except she's Blonde,Older, wears a Pink shirt,dark blue skirt and heels.they both have to ponytails and became friends with Jen and the Gang,In Season 3 Jessica Wears a Purple Shirt and Light Blue Shorts and Chelsea Wears a Yellow Shirt and Light Brown Shorts.Jessica is voiced by Madison Pettis and Chelsea is voiced of Peyton List.

2.Amber Patterson:the hot blue dress girl who became friends with Jen after she saw her befriended Jessica and Chelsea,she works at Club Pinapple,In season 3 She Wears a Red top, white pants and ponytail ,Fellow Cheerleader,Voiced by Barbara Mamabolo.

3.Spencer Andrews:Amber's boyfriend and a new friend of the gang,in season 3 a green button down shirt and Black Pants,Voiced by Drew Nelson.

4.Rebecca Sanchez:the big hair girl and a new friend of the gang,Fellow Cheerleader,In season 3 She wears a Orange Hoodie and Black Skirt,Voiced by Bryn McAuley.

5.Orlando Mattews:Rebecca's Boyfriend and a new friend of the gang,in Season 3 he wore a light green poet's shirt with beige khakis,Voiced by Blake Michael.

6.Maya and Naya Mantle:the twin girls Maya wears a Pink t-shirt,Dark blue cargos and heels.Naya wears a light blue with sysbols in it,Light green Pants and shoes.They both have black hair,They both work at Club Pinapple,They Don't appear in Season 3 Because the Move to New York,Maya is Voiced by Miranda Cosgrove and Naya is Voiced by Victoria Justice.

7.Amelie Vireneta:the french girl who is manager at ice cream Parlors,Malcolm's girlfriend and a friend of the gang,in Season 3 She Wears a Purple Shirt and Grey Pants,Amelie is Voiced by Julie Lemieux

8.Marlowe Hall:Wyatt's Ex-girlfriend and Jen's Co-worker and friend,In Season 3 She wears a Pink sweater and black pants,Voiced by Sunday Muse.

9.Chrissy, Kirsten, and Kristen:who works in the Pet store now ever seens the khaki Barn got shut down when Nikki told the Customers about the Store in the last Episode of 6teen and friends of the Gang.

10.Jane Anderson:Jen's Double,Stepsister and Friend,Works at the Penalty box and Fellow Cheerleader,Has blonde hair rather than Jen's red hair. Wears a white shirt with red sleeves instead of a lavender hoodie and knee-length jeans instead of a skirt,in Season 3 She wears a Light-blue hoodie and Purple Shorts,Voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.

11.Smithy Rodriguez:Jonesy's Double and Jane's Boyfriend,He Has brown hair and a white shirt similar to Jonesy's purple one,He Works at the Pizza Palace,Voiced by Terry McGurrin.

12.Hilary Sorken:Amber's Cousin and Friend of the Gang,works at Club Pinapple and Fellow Cheerleader,In season 3 she Wears a Pink top and white pants,Voiced by Carleigh Beverley.

13.Ethan Spaulding:From the Role Reversal in the Original series,Hilary's boyfriend and friend of the gang,he works at the Gigantoplex,Voiced by Scott McCord.

14.Ellen Spaulding:Ethan's Cousin from the Role Reversal in the Original and friend of the gang who works at the Soft Rock Cafe,in Season 3 she wears a Pale yellow shirt and blue pants,Voiced by Sydney Imbeau.

15.Zack Thompson:Jessica and Chelsea's half Older Brother,he was Jen's first childhood Crush and Now their a Couple in season 2 he's also Know's Kung fu,In season 3 he wears a yellow and navy blue hoodie over a long sleeved blue shirt, a pair of white pants, and dark blue high tops, and a pair blue sneakers,He works at the Pizza Palace,He's Voice by Kelly Blatz.

16.Zoey Mclean:Wyatt's New Employee and girlfriend,Voice by Meaghan Rath.

17.Lydia Allen:lydia is viewed as attractive, but overall crazy. She has a weird obsession with chickens,She used works at Battery Stop in the mall and Now Works at Club Pinapple.

18.Rita Allen:Rita is a tall red-haired girl who is obsessed with boys,She's highly resembles her sister Lydiain appearance and personality – they share red hair and a clingy disposition,She

19.Tara Johannsen:Head Cheerleader of Riverton High,Voiced by Lauren Lipson.

20.Mikayla Ayala:South american who was a long Jade green long shirt and black Pants,She's good friends with the gang,Fellow Cheerleader and Josh's New Girlfriend,Voiced by Kiana Madeira.

21.Joanie Parks:The Hot Purple Dress girl,Good Friend to the gang,Fellow Cheerleader and Damien's New Girlfriend,Voiced by Kristin Fairlie.

22.Rachel Smith:Jen and Nina's Childhood Enemy,She Once Cut off Jen and Nina's Hair seens kindergarten,She appeared in the episode"Bully Madison"when she Bosses the girls"She Also Appeared in the other Episode "Jen with a Secret"When She Framed Jen for Pranking and stealing from her Friends and Family,she was arrested in the end.

22.Wayne:Wayne (voiced by Adam Reid, who also provides the voice of Justin from Total Drama Island and its sequel Total Drama Action) is the manager (and later owner) of Underground Video, a video rental store which specializes in independent films. First introduced in episode "Going Underground", Wayne is a sarcastic, cynical, sardonic, and pessimistic know-it-all who only befriends people whom he considers have knowledge of cinematography close to or equal to his own. Because of these standards, out of the gang, Wayne really only befriends Jude. Wayne hates Jonesy and everything that Jonesy likes, especially the film Top M16 (a play on Top Gun). Jude and Wyatt found themselves working for Wayne in the episode "Going Underground" after Wyatt was fired from the Spin This record store, while Jude's food stand the Stick-It was closed by the health inspector (see above for more information). Despite being short and overweight, Wayne is shown to be somewhat physically strong, since in the episode "Dirty Work" he beats up Jonesy for stealing his fries, and in the episode "Career Day", he dunks Wyatt and Jude in the pet store aquarium for ruining his The 77th Samurai limited edition tape. He is constantly heard listening to The Clash on his headphones. After years of watching movies, Wayne has gained the ability to somehow know which movie a person should see, meaning the film will give them some type of epiphany that they are in desperate need of. He is most likely based on Jack Black's character in High Fidelity, where he was also a know-it-all clerk, although he worked in an independent record shop, as opposed to a video store. Wayne has since shut down Underground Video and now works at Burger McFlipster's with Wyatt.

23.Leon Mattews:Orlando`s Brother and Tara`s Boyfriend,Leon is Voiced by Jade Hassoune.

New Students:

1.Zeke Baxter:Zack's Childhood Friend,He appeared in the "Senior Years",He Works at the Penalty box,He's a Dirty Blonde,Wears a Red and White shirt and Grey Pants,He also on the Riverdale Basketball team and knows Kung fu.Zeke is voiced by Mark Hildreth.

2.Janice Harrington:She's a calm and friendly teenager, known for her talent at surfing, love of nature, and a strict vegetarian,She becomes good friends with Jen,Nina,Caitlin,Amber,Rebecca,Amelie,Makayla,Joanie.She's Zeke's Girlfriend,Jancie Has shoulder-length red hair,Wears a Pink hoodie with a black skirt and white sneakers with her red hair undone,Janice is Voiced by Alyson Stoner.

3.Fiona Harrington:Janice's sister who has Orange hair,Wears a lime green, off-the-shoulder top trimmed with blue. On the top there is a violet flower which extends into three strands of fabric and connects to the back of the shirt. Her pants are blue, same as the trimmings on the shirt, with a lime green flower on it.Fiona is Voiced by Wendee Lee.

4.Flora Harrington:Janice's other sister who has Orange hair,wears a white or light Purple T-shirt under a short-sleeved crop top sweater, skirt, knee-high socks with brown shoes, and a headband to keep her hair back.Flora is Voiced by Ashleigh Ball.

5.Megan Harrington:Megan is resourceful girl with a love for shopping like Caitlin and Janice's Sister,Megan Has Red Hair and wears a white or light pink T-shirt under a short-sleeved crop top sweater, skirt, knee-high socks with brown shoes, and a headband to keep her hair back.Megan is Voiced by Danica McKellar.

6.Silent L:He is very Great Fighter and smart Guy that does not speak at all,He's Also Zack's Childhood Friend.He has blonde hair, he wears a necklace,wears a creamy green t-shirt, a long sleeve black shirt under, blue jeans with his briefs' waistband visible, dark brown sneakers, and his trademark ski cap. usually partially hidden behind his hat.

7.Jycella Rockwaller:She's Krystella's Twin Sister except she's Nicer to Everyone,She has blonde hair, and pink eyes. She wears an outfit almost identical to Krystella's, except in colour. Jycellas sweater is vibrant pink, and her capris are purple. Other than slight colour changes-and voice-she looks identical to Krystella.Jycella is The Voiced by Emily Williams.

8.Dante Robinson:He is a talented musician and singer who writes his own songs like Wyatt, and has been playing the guitar since grade five.Dente is Voiced by Tyler James Williams.

9.Sasha McCloud:She's Serena's Cousin,Works at Spin This and Dante's Girlfriend,Sasha is Voiced by Keke Palmer.

10.Roscoe Vendetta:Roscoe is a tall, good-looking, womanizing teenager and obsessed with women like Jonesy and Janice,Fiona,Flora and Megan's Step-brother.Roscoe wears a dark Purple t-shirt with white words on the front with a Black Leather,light Green jeans, his trademark bead necklace and brown shoes. His hair is naturally black.Roscoe id Voiced by Joe Jonas.

11.Caruso Vendetta:Caruso is a party animal guy,Caruso wears Red shirt and Black Pants.Caruso is Voiced by Kevin Jonas.

12.DeSoto Vendetta:DeSoto is the calm brother,DeSoto wears a Grey shirt and Blue Jeans.DeSoto is Voiced by Nick Jonas.

13.Dean Richler:He's The Smartest guy at Riverdale High and Sam's Boyfriend.Dean is Voiced by Greg Cipes.

14.Chris Richler:He's Good at Basketball and Marcy's Boyfriend.Chris is Voiced by Hutch Dano.

15.Alan Richler:He's good at Baking and Kat's Boyfriend.Alan is Voiced by Adam Hicks.

16.Blake Richler:He Good at Acting in Drama Class and Kim's Boyfriend.Blake is Voiced by Josh Keaton.

17-18.Jenna and Judy Richler:Twins girls Who love to Sing,They once Appeared at Jen's 11th Birthday.Jenna Wears a  sleeveless Pink top,Green cargo shorts, a necklace with three blue crystal stones and a choker necklace and Judy wears a wears a sleeveless Purple top and Black Skirt.Jenna and Judy are Voiced by Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka.

19.Amy Baxter:She's Zeke's Sister,Her Sport is Soccer and Works at the Pently Box.Amy wears a White Shirt with Brown Jacket with the sleeves rolled up and dark Brown jeans.Amy is Voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.

20.Angel Jones:She's Amber's Double Who Has Red,Wears a Pink Shirt with a Rectangle and Grey Pants. Their parents divorced when they were very young, and neither twin could remember the other. Her mother never told her about her Sister and Angel only learned about Amber when her grandmother told her on her deathbed. Angel, feeling that her mother had enough to worry about, didn't tell her that she knew she had a Sister, so she went out to find Amber on her own.Angel is Voiced by Brittany Adams.

21-22.Nicole and Laura Munroe:Twin girls who are peaceful and likes to deal with nature,Their best quality is that they loves to read people’s auras.They has medium length black hair,Nicole Wears white pants with a light violet top and white or shoes and Laura wears Black pants with a Dark Red Top.They also wears white earrings. Their Voiced by Lacey Chabert.

23.Nia Ramírez:She's Nina's Double and Her mother's best friend's daughter who is incredibly Beauiful.She has Orange Hair,Wears Purple top and white pants.Nia is Voiced by Denyse Tontz.

24.Alex Baxter:Zeke's 17 year old brother,Zack's other childhood friend and Angel's Boyfriend.Alex's blonde,Wears a Dark blue shirt with a Rectangle in it and Grey pants.Alex is voiced by Fabrizio "Fab" Filippo.

25.Nick Munroe:Nicole and Larua's Brother and Megan's Crush.Nick has Black hair,Wears a Black t-shirt with a target symbol on it and brown jeans and trainers.Nick is Voiced by Nolan North.

26.Keenen Thomas:Grade 9 Student like Diego,Robbie,Jessica,Chelsea,Dennis,Rosa,Faline,Denise and Brigitte. who is an experienced martial artist,skateboarder and Jessica's Crush.Keenan is Voiced by Leo Howard.

27-28-29.Chase,Logan and Jayden Thomas:Keenen's older Brothers and Sons of a famous actor starring in several action movies.Chase is Voiced by Max Morrow,Logan is Voiced by Luke Benward and Jayden is voiced by Ross Lynch.

The Stingrays:

The Stringrays are Rivals of the Gang who Cause nothing But Trouble in the mall and at School,They also know Kung fu and Antagonists in seasons 2 and 3.

1.Laird Powers:Leader of the Stringrays,He has Flaming Hair,Wears a white Shirt with a Black Jacket and Grey Pants,Laird is Voiced by Kjartan Hewitt.

2.Ursula Taylor:She's a Former Riverdale Cheerleader,She's a Blonde with a Ponytail,Wears a Dark blue shirt and Navy Blue Pants,She Join the Stingrays along with Christine and Toby,Ursula is Voiced by Jackie Rosenbaum.

3.Stanple Warren:He wears a brown vest over a black T-Shirt with black gloves and blue jeans during school,Stanple is voiced by Christopher Grey.

4.Krystella Rockwaller:She's also Former Riverdale Cheerleader,She has brunette hair,a purple sweatshirt and blue capris,She Join the Stingrays,Christine is Voiced by Emily Williams.

5.Brody Brockmen:He is by far the most competitive student and with his high grades and sharp skills,He has Brunette Hair,Wears a Purple Shirt with a Orange one under it and White Pants.Brody is Voiced by Samuel Vincent.

6.Dominique Stanhope:She Was Long Dark Red Hair,green eyes and dark skin,She wears Purple Shirt with a Aqua Jacker and a Blue Skirt,Dominique is Voiced by Kelly Hu.

7.Finn Techno:He's has Black Hair,Wears a orange shirt with Black Jacket and Blue Pants,he is quite skilled in the art of robotics and mechanics,Finn is Voiced by Carter Hayden.

Red Dragons -a Group of Kung fu Warriors and Evil.The Red Dragons have become allies with the Stingrays. 1.Kaito-Leader of the Red Dragons,Kaito is Voiced by Kirby Morrow.

2.koki-member of the Red dragons,Koki is voiced by Sarena Parmar.


1.Coach Halder:the manager of the penalty box,Jen's Former Boss and Jane's new boss.

2.Ron the Rent-A-Cop:Ron is the mall's 50-year-old security cop, whose appearance and mannerisms bear striking similarities to both Christopher Walken and Clint Eastwood. Ron thinks he is a real cop by coming up with codes that he just came up with that night.

Family Members:Edit

Jen and Jonesy's Family:

1.Courtney Masterson:Jen's Older sister and Friend.

2.Diego and Robbie Garcia:Jonesy's brothers who use to Pull pranks on their Stepsisters but not anymore after Jen Stands up Against them.

3.Brian Garica and Emma Masterson:Brian's the father of Jonsey,Diego and Robbie and Emma's the Mother of Jen and Courtney.

4.Emma Masterson-Garica Jr:Jen and Jonesy's baby sister.

5.Adam Masterson:Emma's Ex-husband and Father of Jen,Courtney and Little Emma,He's An Astronaut,Adam is Voiced by Steve Downes.

6.Stella anderson:Adam's new wife and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's stepmom and Jane's mom,Stella is Voiced by Lara Gilchrist.

7.Chole anderson:Jane's Sister who looks like Courtney except she has Orange hair who died 10 years ago.

8.Ella Wilson:Emma's Twin Sister and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Aunt,She's a Dentist,Ella's Voiced by Kathleen Barr

9.Felix Wilson:Ella's Husband and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Uncle,He's a Firemen,Felix's Voiced by David DeLuise

10.Katherine Wilson:Ella and Felix's Daughter,She Loves to Cook and she's in the Same School as Jen and Jonsey.Her hair is always in a ponytail,she wears a pink jacket over a white shirt with blue jeans, She's voiced by Maggie Blue O'Hara.

11.Gerald Masterson:Adam's Brother,Michelle's Husband and Policemen,Gerald is Voiced by John Ralston.

12.Michelle Masterson:Gerald's Wife and a children's birthday party entertainer,Michelle is voiced by Marcia Cross

13.Kimberly Masterson:Charlie and Michell's Daughter,She's good of Acting in drama Class at Riverdale High,Voiced by Danielle Judovits.

14.Noel Masterson:Adam's Brother,He's a Videogame Designer,Noel is Voiced by Steve Zahn.

15.Lorna Masterson:Emma's blonde Foster Sister,who is a Broadway star,Lorna is Voiced by Nicollette Sheridan.

16.Marcy Masterson:Noel and Lorelie's Daughter,Marcy has blond hair, she wears a red t-shirt and blue jeans, She's was Head cheerleader at her Old school and Now she Co-Captain at Riverdale High and good friends with the other Cheerleaders,Voiced by Anastasia Phillips.

17.Edna Ross:Emma and Ella's Mother and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Grandmother,She is voiced by Deborah Strang.

18.Carmen Greyson,Adam's sister and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Aunt,she works as a psychologist,She is Voiced by Catherine Disher.

19.Jack Greyson:Camille's Husband,He's A musician,Jack's Voiced by Jeff Garlin.

20.Jean Greyson:Camille and Jack's Collage Daughter who loves Tickling her Cousins Jen,Courtney,Kim,Sam,Kat and Marcy Everytime their sad ever seen's they were Kids,She has long red hair with green eyes.She always wears her hair out.To school she wears a light purple shirt with baggy baige pants and black sandles,Voiced byVenus Terzo.

21.Gabby Jordan:Adam's other Sister and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's aunt,She's a paramedic,She's Voiced by Jennifer Hale.

22.Conner Jordan:Giselle,s Husband,He's a Storywriter.

23.Samantha Jordan:Connor and Giselle's Daughter,She's Smart,She has Red hair and Goes to Riverdale High,Voiced by Jennifer Hale.

24.Roger and Penny Masterson:Adam,Camille and Giselle's Parents and Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Grandparents,Roger is voiced by Edward Asner.

25.Brendan Garica:Brian's Brother and Jonesy,Diego and Robbie's Uncle,Brendan is Voiced by Ricardo Antonio Chavira

26.Laura Garica:Brendan's Wife and Jonesy,Diego and Robbie's Aunt,Laura is Voiced by Lori Alan.

27.Tristan Gracia:Brendan and Lola's 19 son from juvenile hall,Voiced by Dillon Casey.

28.Damien Garica:Brendan and Lola's 17 year old son,Joanie's Boyfriend and Goes to Riverdale high where he's on the Basketball team,Voiced by Vas Saranga

29.Justin Garica:Brendan and Lola's other 17 years old son,Goes to Riverdale High,in the riverdale basketball team and Juliet's Boyfriend,Voiced by Jesse Rath

30.Bonnie Garica:Brendan and Lola's 4 year old Daughter,Bonnie is Voiced by Emily Hahn.

31.Brad Gracia:Brian's other Brother and Jonesy,Diego and Robbie's Uncle,Brad is Voiced by Eric Loomis.

32.Rosie Gracia:Brad's Wife and Jonesy,Diego and Robbie's aunt,Roise is Voiced by Maggie Wheeler.

33.Henry Gracia:Brad and Rosie's 17 year old Son,Henry is Voiced by Tiago Abreu.

34.Gary Gracia:Brad and Rosie's other 17 year old Son,Gary is Voiced by Eric Lopez.

35.Mona Gracia:Mother of Brian,Brendan and Brad,and Jonesy,Diego and Robbie's grandmother.

Nina's Family:

1.Miranda Martinez:Nina's mom who Works at the Flower Shop,Miranda is Voiced by María Canals Barrera

2.Ryan Martinez:Nina's dad,Ryan is Voiced by David Barrera.

3.Rosa Martinez:Nina's sister who has a Crush on Robbie,Rosa is Voiced by Oana Gregory.

4.Angelina Gomez:Miranda's Sister and Nina's aunt,Angelina is Voiced by Roxanna Brusso.

5.Antonia Gomez:Angelina's Daughter and Nina's Cousin,Antonia is Voiced by Adrienne Bailon.

Caitlin's Family:

1.Roxanne Cooke:Caitlin's Mom,Roxy is Voiced by Kelly Ripa.

2.Kevin Cooke:Caitlin's Dad,Kevin is Voiced by Matthew Glave.

3.Richard and Nicole Cooke:Caitlin's Adopted Baby brother and sister.

4.Linda Larkin:Roxanne's sister and Caitlin's Aunt,Linda is voiced by Caroline Rhea.

Wyatt's Family:

1.Walter Willams:Wyatt's Dad,Walter is Voiced by Tim Meadows.

2.Angie Willams:Wyatt's Mom and and a Weather Girl of the News,Angie is Voiced by Angel Parker.

3.John Stewart:Angie's brother and Wyatt's Uncle.John is Voiced by Phil LaMarr.

4.Vixen Stewart:John's Wife and Wyatt's Aunt,Vixen is Voiced by Gina Torres.

Jude's Family:

1.Julius Lizowski:Jude's dad,Julius is Voiced by Michael Donovan.

2.Lila Lizowski:Jude's Mom,Lila is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

3.Jade Lizowski:Jude's Cousin.

Malcolm's Family.

1.Moe Reese:Malcolm's Uncle and Manager of Pizza Palace,Moe is Voiced by Jim Pirri.

2.Jillian Resse:Malcolm's Aunt,Jillian is Voiced by Lauren Tom.

3.Dennis Resse:Malcolm's Brother,Dennis is Voiced by Evan Sabara.

Amber and Hillary's Family:

1.Robin Patterson:Amber's Dad,Robin is a dentist,Robin is Voiced by Jason Beghe.

2.Vanessa Trevors:Amber's Dirty Blonde Stepmom and Model,Nerissa is Voiced by Hélène Joy.

3.Gwen Trevors:Vanessa's Daughter and Amber's Stepsister,Gwen has long wavy dark blond hair, wears a pink skirt with ruffles, a black top, a purple hat,and pink sneaker heels.She's also Tricia's Former Friend.Gwen is Voiced by Katie Griffin.

4.Heather Trevor:Vanessa's other Daughter and Amber's Stepsister,Heather has oranger hair and Wears a Dark Pink shirt and Blue Jeans,she works at Albatross & Finch,Heather is Voiced by Kate Todd.

5.Natasha Patterson:Amber and Angels's mom and friends with Jen's stepmom stella,Nastasha is Voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

6.Barbara Sorken:Hillary's Mom,Natasha's sister and Amber's Aunt,Barbara is voiced by Elizabeth Daily.

7.Mark Sorken:Hilary's dad,Mark is voiced by Chris Cox.

8.Blake Sorken:Hilary's Brother,Kimberly's Boyfriend and Member of the Drama Class,Voice by Josh Keaton.

9.Melody Sorken:Hilary's Older sister,Friend of Jen's Cousin Jean and a Great Singer,She Has Orange Hair,Wears a lime green,off-the-shoulder top trimmed with blue. On the top there is a violet flower which extends into three strands of fabric and connects to the back of the shirt. Her pants are blue, same as the trimmings on the shirt, with a lime green flower on it. She wears pink and blue/green striped sandals,She Appeared in the movie"7teen Graduation Musical",Voiced by Taylor Swift.

Rebecca's Family:

Debra Sanchez:Rebecca's Mom and a Doctor,Debra is Voiced by Joanna Going.

Francesca Sanchez:Rebecca's Older Sister,Friend of Jen's Cousin Jean an attractive Collage girl with long brown hair. She also has brown eyes, she wears a white a Jade shirt, light blue jeans and black shoes,Voiced by Vanessa Hudgens.

Marlowe's Family:

1.Shiera Hall:Marlowe's adoptive mother and Emma's Old Rival who became friends in the end,Victoria is Voiced by Clare Carey.

2.Carter Hall:Marlowe's adoptive Father,Carter is Voiced by Rino Romano.

3.Jake Hall:Marlowe's adoptive Brother,Jake is Voiced by Graham Phillips.

4.Darcy Hall:Marlowe's adoptive Sister and Robbie's Crush,Darcy is Voiced by Breena O'Brien.

Zack,Jessica and Chelsea's Family:

1.Hannah Thompson:Zack,Jessica and Chelsea's Mom and Manager of Camp Woof-Woof,She's Also a Friend of Jen's Mom,After the Divorce She and her Daughters live in a Apartment,Hannah is Voiced by Candi Milo.

2.Miles Thompsons:Zack,Jessica and Chelsea's dad,After the Divorce He and Zack Used to Live in China,Now they Live in another Apartment Downtown,He works as a Reporter,Miles is Voiced by Byrne Offutt.

3.Anna Shepheard:Hannah's Sister and Zack,Jessica and Chelsea's Aunt,She's a brunette,Wears a Pink Shirt, Purple Pants and Heels,Anna is Voiced by Nancy Linari.

4.Harold Shepheard:Anna's Husband and Zack,Jessica and Chelsea's Uncle,He has Grey Hair and Glasses,He wears Red Button up Shirt and Light Brown Pants,Harold is Voiced by Cam Clarke.

5.Johan:Zack's cousin,and he beat Zack really badly in one match. He trained with Zack, learning from their Grandfather. Zack's family is ashamed of Johan because he thought about Karate as intimidation and hurting people,Johan is Voiced by Marc Thompson.

Spencers's Family:

1.Archie Andrews:Spencer's Father and Mayor of Riverdale,Archie is Voiced by John D'Aquino.

2.Betty Andrews:Spencer's Mother,Betty is Voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker.

'Orlando's Family:

1.Gordon Mattews:Orlando's dad and an archaeologist,

Maya and Naya's Family:

1.Reggie Mantle:Maya and Naya's Father and and a famous movie director,Reggie is Voiced by Hal Sparks.

2.Veronica Mantle:Maya and Naya's Mother and a former supermodel turned business magnate,Veronica is Voiced by Susan Eisenberg.

Ethan and Ellen's Family:

1.Donald Spaulding:Ethan's Father and a Sentist at the prestigious research firm,Donald is Voiced by Gary Cole.

2.Jennette Spaulding:Donald's Wife and Ethan's Mother who died in a Car Crash.

3.Ronald Spaulding:Donald's Brother and Ellen's Father,Ronald is Voiced by Dermot Mulroney.

4.Brandy Spaulding:Donald's Wife and Ellen's Mother,Brandy is Voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.

5.Faline Spaulding:Ellen's 13 year old Sister,She appeared in the Episode"Senior Year"She has Dark Purple Hair,Wears a Light Green Shirt with Chiness Symbols and Dark Blue Cargos,She has a Crush on Diego.Faline is the Voice of Kelli Burglund.

Makayla and Joanie's Family:

1.Patsie Parks:She's Joanie's Mom,Makayla's Stepmom and Manager of Club Pinapple.

2.Hector Ayala:Makayla's Dad and Police Office.

3.Aviva Ayala:She is Makayla's older sister from Collage,She is very wise at times concerning her parents' traditions and values,Aviva is Voiced by Caitlyn Taylor Love.

4.Antonio Ayala:She is Makayla's older Brother from Collage,He's former Jock in Rivedale High,Antonio is Voiced by Nick Jonas.

7.Mandy and Mindy Symone:Makayla's Cousins,Mandy wears a green shirt with a flower on it, a light blue skirt, a blue bandana, a jewel on her head, and green high heeled shoes.She has long black hair,Mindy Wears a light Purple Dress with Dark Purple Waves in it.Mandy are also Tricia's Former Friend.Mandy and Mindy are Voiced by Reagan Pasternak.

8.Sophie Parks:She's Joanie's Cousin.

Amelie's Family:

1.Kira Vireneta:Amelie's Mom

2.'Denise and 'Brigitte Vireneta:Amelie's Sisters Who looke like Her Excpet With Different Hairs.Denise is 15 years old has Light Purple Hair,Wears a White Shirt and Brown Pants.Brigitte is 13,Has Pink hair,Wears a Blue Shirt and Green Shirt.they Appear in the Episode"Senior Year"Josette is Diego's Love interest.They Made Friends with Jessica,Chelsea,Robbie,Diego,Faline,Jake and Darcy.Denise and Brigitte are Voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Lydia and Rita's Family:

1.Iris Allen:Lydia and Rita's Mom and a reporter for GBS.She's a Friend of Jane's Mom Stella,She Appeared in the Episode"A Birthday to Remember"Iris is Voiced by Nicole Dubuc.

2.Nelson Allen:Lydia and Rita's Dad and A test pilot for the Ferris Aircraft Company.

3.Mary Brown:Iris's Sister,Lydia and Rita's Aunt and Teacher at Riverdale High,Mary is Voiced by Cree Summer.

Zeke,Amy and Aron's Family:

1.Lawson Baxter:Zeke,Amy and Aron's Father and Pilot.Lawson is Voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

2.Carol Baxter:Zeke,Amy and Aron's Mother,Voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Janice,Megan,Fiona,Flora,Roscoe,Caruso and DeSoto's Family:

1.Charlene and Darlene Harrington:Janice,Fiona,Flora and Megan's 13 year old Twin sisters.Charlene has long red hair,Wear a Light Blue shirt and light brown Shorts and Darlene has Long Orange Hair,Wears a Purple Shirt and Grey Cargos.They Became Friends with Jessica,Chelsea,Denise,Brigitte,Rosa,Lola,Sophine,Faline and More. Charlene is Voiced by Aria Wallace and Darlene is Voiced by Olivia Holt.

2.'Ricardo,Rondo,Rico and Roy Vendetta:Reynaldo's three younger brothers. Rocky is the youngest of the four and can be troublesome.Ricardo is voiced by Nick Robinson,Rondo is voiced by Jake T. Austin,Rico is Voiced by Mateo Arias,Roy is Voiced by Moisés Arias.

3.Mr.Roscoe Vendetta Sr and Mrs.Charlotte Harrington:Roscoe Vendetta SR is the father of Roscoe JR,Caruso,Desoto,Ricardo,Rondo,Rocky and Roy.Charlotte Harrington is the mother of Janice,Megan,Chalene and Darlene Harrington.They dated each other for a couple of years before deciding to get married. However, the wedding plans did not go well as the children of both families declared war, both trying to ruin each other's lives. When finally they came to an agreement, both parents of the two families had a happy marriage and they all now live as one happy family...for now.

Dante's Family:

1.Ricky Robinson:Dante's Dad and Owns a Music Building.

Nick and Nicole's Family:

1.Nigel Monroe:Nick and Nicole's Father and Doctor.Nigel is Voiced by Nolan North.

2.Cleo Monroe:Nick and Nicole's Mother and Ceo of the Aircraft.Cleo is Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

3.Steven Monroe:Nick and Nicole's Younger Brother.Steven is Voiced by Rob Lowe.

7teen L.A Characters:Edit

Hawkin Family:

1.Logan Hawkins:He's a Famous Celebrity,Father of 24 Chlidren who lives in the Penthouse Hotel of Los Angeles,Logan is Voiced by Kevin Love.

2.Sabrina Hawkins:She's a Famous Celebrity,Stella's Sister who is Blonde like Her,Mother of 24 Children.Sabrina is Voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

3.Tiana Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's Oldest Daughter in the Family,She loves Tickling Her Sisters and Hates Cleaning her Brothers,Tiana is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.

4.Mike Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 18 Year old Son,He Dreams of Being a Solider,Mike's Voiced by Jamie Spilchuk.

5.Leo Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Son,He Dreams of Being a Nascar Racer,He's a Brunette, Wears blue jeans, a red tank-top shirt and a black leather jacket,Leo is Voiced by Carter Jenkins.

6.Wesley"Wes"Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Son,He's Blonde,Wears a White Shirt, a light Red button-up shirt,And Light Brown Pants. Wes is Voiced by Justin Kelly.

7.Lucas Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old adopted Son from China,Logan Found him when was 6,He wears a Blue Shirt,with a Black Leather Jacket,and Blue Jeans,Lucas is Voiced by Jonatihan Tan.

8.Conner Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Son,He's a Brunette,Wear a Orange Tank top with light grey Button-up shirt and Blue Jeans,Conner is Voiced byMunro Chambers.

9.Scott Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Son,He wears a Brown shirt and Blue Jeans,He is Voiced by Sergio Di Zio.

10.Joe Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 Year old Son,Who is Smart.Carlos is Voiced by Kirby Morrow.

11.Fredia Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Daughter,She a Brunette,Wears a Pink Shirt and Blue Pants,Fredia is Voiced by Danica McKellar.

12.Skyler Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Daughter,She's a Brunette,she wears orange over her white shirt and light brown Pants,Skyler is Voiced by Bryn McAuley.

13.Jennifer Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Daughter,She has long blond hair,Wears a black shirt with a purple jacket and white shorts with black heels,Jennifer is Voiced by Tara Platt.

14.Elena Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Daughter,She has shoulder-length blond hair with a single bang and bright green eyes,She wears a pink tank top, white shorts and brown flip-flops,Elena is Voiced by Molly Quinn.

15.Diana Hawkins:She's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old Daughter. she is fully Brazilian with brown hair and brown eyes,She;s Voiced by Alexandra Carter.

16.Tony Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 Year old Son,Who Dreams of being a Football Player.Tony is Voiced by Wesley Morgan.

17.Keith Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old adopted Son,Keith is Voiced by Booboo Stewart.

18.Chaz Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 17 year old adopted Son from China,Chaz is Voiced by Shannon Kook-chun.

19-20:Sora and Nora Hawkins:Their Logan and Sabrina's 13 year old Twins Daughter,Their Voiced by Camilla and Rebecca Rosso.

21.Doyce Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 12 year old adopted Son from Washington City,Doyce is Voiced by Scott McCord.

22.Max Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 12 year old adopted Son from New York,Lionel is Voiced by Jason Spevack.

23.Eliza Hawkins:She She's Logan and Sabrina's 11 year old Apopted Daughter,Eliza is Voiced by Piper Mackenzie Harris.

24.Nick Hawkins:He's Logan and Sabrina's 12 year old adopted Son from New York,Nick is Voiced by Graham Phillips.

25.Lindsay Hawkins: She's Logan and Sabrina's 11 year old Adopted Daughter from China,Lindsay is Voiced by Melody B. Choi.

26.Polly Hawkins:She`s Logan and Sabrina'sYoungest Daughter,Polly is Voiced by Kaitlyn Maher.

Breeze Family:

1.Jessie Breeze:She's Jen and Nina's Childhood Friend Who Moved to Beverly Hills and Now 17 years old,She Has Red Hair,Wears a White Shirt with Jade Jacket with the sleeves rolled up and dark Pink jeans,Jessie is Voiced by Debby Ryan.

2.Theresa Breeze:She's Jessie's Sister and Also Jen and Nina's Childhood Friend Who Moved to Beverly Hills and Now 17 years old,She has Orange hair,Wears a Red Sleeveless Shirt and Blue Jeans,Theresa is Voiced by Kay Panabaker.

3.Alice Breeze:She's Jessie and Theresa's 13 year old sister.she wears a yellow dress with a white short, green blouse and small boots color white and green. Her hair is orange and has brown eyes.She is the Same age as Jessica,Alice is Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow.

4.Daphne Breeze:She's Jessie,Theresa,Alice's Older Sister and legal guardian,She Once Loves to Babysitters Them and Jen and Nina Seen they were Kids,She also loves to Tickle them and Her Sister.She has shoulder length orange red hair,She wears a purple headband, a long-sleeved purple mini-dress with lighter purple stripes,pink silk tights, and purple buckled Mary Janes with bows,Daphne is Voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Henderson Family:

1.Austin Henderson:patriach of the Henderson family and coaching at a big school to fulfill his dream of raising a large family. He eventually gets his dream job of coaching, but eventually resigns after realizing he is missing out on his younger children's lives.Austin is Voiced by Crispin Freeman.

2.Jody Henderson:She's Austin's Wife,Mother 24 kids,Emma's Old Childhood Friend and Iris and Mary's Sister,She and Emma Had been Friends seens kindegarten,High School and Collage,She's Also Jen,Courtney and Little Emma's Godmother.Jody is Voiced by Kath Soucie.

3.Trent Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's Firstborn Son and 27 years old,Trent is Voiced by Jason Biggs.

4.Tori Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 26 year old Daughter.Tori is Voiced by Sara Ballantine.

5.Sky Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 27 year old Son.Sky is Voiced by Sean Astin.

6.Claire Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 26 year old Daughter.Claire is Voiced by Tricia Helfer.

7.Kassidy Henderson:Courtney's Double who has pink hair,Wears a Green Sleeveless Shirt and Blue Jeans,Kassidy is Voiced by Krista Sutton.

8.Tommy Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 Year old Son,He has Light Red hair,Wear Black Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans,Tommy is Voiced by Michael Seater.

9.Matt Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's  17 Year old Son,He's Blonde,Wears a Dark Green Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans.Matt is Voiced by Jason Dolley.

10.Dirk Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 year old son,Has Red hair,Wears a the same outfit, which consist of a long-sleeve black turtleneck undershirt, a short-sleeved red jersey, brown cargo pants, and white sneakers,Dirk is Voiced by Reid Ewing.

11.Drake Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 year son,He's a Blonde,He Wears pair of blue jeans, blue sneakers, and a blue t-shirt with green sleeves,Drake is Voiced by Kit Weyman.

12.Billy Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 year son,He wears a white dress shirt with a red ascot. This was under a blue sweater vest paired with green plaid pants and brown dress shoes.Billy is Voiced by David Lambert.

13.Rocky Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 year son,He Wears a white muscle shirt which ends just above his naval with maroon pants and matching sneakers,Rocky is Voiced by Shane Kippel.

14.Shane Henderson:He's Austin and Jody's 17 Year old Son,Shane is Voiced by Mazin Elsadig.

15.June Henderson:Another girl who Likes Jen and Jane Except She Has Bright red Hair,wears a Red hoodie with a Black skirt and Orange sneakers,June is Voiced by Megan Fahlenbock.

16.Deema Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 17 Year old Daughter.She's Blonde, Wears a Orange hoodie and Black Jeans,Deema is Voiced by Lacey Chabert.

17.Amelia Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's17 Year old Daughter,She's Blonde wears a Black shirt and Orange Jeans,She was voiced by Grey DeLisle.

18.Madison Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 18 Year old Daughter,She Has dark Red Hair,Wears a Dark Pink shirt and Black Shirt,She's a caucasian slender red-headed girl with green eyes and red lipstick. She wears a black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath, she also wears blue jeans,She is Voiced by Tara Strong.

19.Alyson Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 17 Year old Daughter,She looks up to Madison more than anyone else in the family and Same hair Except her's is Light red,Alyson is Voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

20-21.Tiffany and Paisley Henderson:Twin girl who has blue eyes and medium length curly blonde hair.Wears a Blue shirts and Grey Skirts.Tiffany is Voiced by Chelsea Staub and Paisley is Voiced by Mae Whitman.

22-23.Luke and Duke Henderson:Their Austin and Jody's 15 year old son.Luke is Voiced by Dylan Sprouse and Duke is Voiced by Cole Sprouse.

24.Cassandra Henderson:She's Austin and Jody's 11 Year old Daughter,She's Blonde,Wears a pink Button shirt and White Pants,Cassandra is Voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

25-26.Rudy and Ruby Henderson: Austin and Jody's one-year-old twin Children.Rudy is a boy with an Blonde hair,while Ruby is a girl with Red hair They love their Older Siblings very much, but at points play too roughly with her.

Other Characters:

1.Jet Sprocket:He`s Logan and Sabrina's 19 year Nephew who is a Famous Celebrity,He`s a Stuntguy,He`s Good at Kung Fu and Makes Great Movies,Jet is Voiced by Zac Efron.

2.Scarlett Loman:She`s Stella and Sabrina`s Older Sister who is Blonde Like them and Movie Star,Scarlett is Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

3.Duke Collins:Tiana's husband and her son's father . He is seen as mushy and lovey-dovey but shows his manly side during the birth of his son,Duke is Voiced by Cam Clarke.

4.Wendy Farr:Wendy is a Caucasian girl with blue eyes and short black hair,She's Friends with Jennifer,Elena, Fredia,Skyler,June,Madsion,Alyson,Deema and more.Wendy is Voiced by Masasa Moyo.

5.Wanda Farr:Wendy's sister,she has medium length black hair, black eyes with long lashes.A v-neck black mini dress and black flats.Wanda is Voiced by Tia Texada.

6.Joel Duncan:an aspiring musician who loves to perform and write his own songs. He can play many instruments, including the guitar, keyboard, piano, and the French horn, but prefers the keyboard and piano.Joel is Voiced by Trevor Jackson.

7.Nerissa Hale:Nerissa is captain of her high school's cheerleading squad and she loves to play chess,She has Long bluish-black hair,She is fun and energetic and sometimes oblivious.Nerissa is Voiced by Lindsay Ridgeway.

8.Rhodey Beck:is Nerissa's boyfriend who is extremely attractive, which makes him yearned-for by many girls. He and Nerissa have been together for over two years.Rhodey is voiced by Robbie Amell.


Season 1 has 15 episodes:premiereJanuary 3 2013

1.A start of a new Friendship:Jan 3 2013

the gang meet Malcolm a guy who Moved from San Francisco and Nina,Jen's Childhood friend who moved back from Beverly hills,they find out about a school party being hosted by Tara Johannsen,They accidentally ruin Tara's party by crashing into the sound system, causing everyone to turn on Them, However, Nina makes things better by singing "Dynamite".

2.Baby Come back:Jan 10 2013

Jonesy takes little Emma to the park and accidentally swaps strollers with a girl named Makayla, and brings home the wrong baby.

3.Jet Z:Jan 17 2013

Sadie Hawkins offers The gang the chance to win a free Jet-Z. All they have to do is team up and create a Jet-Z commercial that Sadie will judge, the winner having their commercial put on the air one hundred times. While Wayne and his team, mostly Wayne, work on their commercial with fancy video equipment and famous actors, Jen and her team decide that the content of the commercial is more important than how much money is put into it. Now the test is to see which is better, a commercial made with lots of money, or a commercial that relates to teens and helps describe what the Jet-Z is all about. However, Jen discovers some accidentally recorded footage of the girls arguing, containing views about what the Jet-Z is about, and helps them win the contest by using it (and other footage).

4.Lion Whisperer:Jan 24 2013

Jen is bored sick of her mother's Book Club "Go To Work With Your Mother Day", until a Magician with a depressed Lion shows up at the clinic. Jen forms a bond with the lion, but Jen's mother is wary. Jonesy tries to go to a basketball game, but the only way he can go is if he sells Ice Cream at the game.

5.Sega Prime:Jan 31 2013

Malcolm Discoverys a Website where a everybody can Download video games for Free.

6.Club Jonesy:Feb 7 2013

Jonesy try to find summer jobs, so they convince Ron to let him have the lounge on Monday nights, and they start an Teen club.

7.Spelling Bee:Feb 14 2013

Jonesy wants Jen to drop out of the spelling bee because he owes the $30 to her competitor.

8.Malcolm's Girlfriend:Feb 21 2013

Malcolm has a Crush on Amelie Ratelle from paris,So the gang hook him up with her.

9.The Big Bagel Bungle:Feb 28 2013

Jen must get some Bagels for the Sunday Brunch when her's grandmother is Visiting.

10.The Stingrays:Mar 7 2013

Malcolm joins a group of Trouble Makers.

11.Day Care:Mar 14 2013

The gang volunteer in the day care center.

12.Jen's best Choice:Mar 28 2013

After being push around by Coach Halder,Jen Quits her job and works at the "Camp Woof-Woof", a dog daycare in the Mall. Even though she works for free, Jonesy decide to work for money. Their most important client is a famous show poodle that is in a show that very night. Unfortunately, Caitlin's pink armband falls into the tub while Jonesy's bathing the dog, turning it bright pink! The three scramble to fix the problem.


  • We Learn That Jen's New Boss and her mother are Best Friends.
  • Marlowe Return's in the series and Works at Camp Woof-Woof.

13.22 Short Films About The Galleria Mall:Mar 28 2013

While Jen's Bonding with Her New Boss's Daughters Jessica and Chelsea they Asked her if anything interesting happens to the citizens of the Mall,which leads to a chain of vignettes about the lives of Mall People including Courtney,Marlowe,Wyane,Hot Blue Dress Girl, Hot Fine Girl,unknown Greeter Goddess,The Clones and Robbie and Diego.

  • Jen,Jessica and Chelsea went to Albatross & Finch to try on cool Clothes
  • There,They Ran into Courtney who was Also Shopping and Join her Sister and the girls.
  • Caitlin gets gum in her hair and Wyatt and Jude tries to get it out by putting a variety of foods on her head.
  • Jen and the Girls Ran into Marlowe of the Gigantoplex and She join Them.
  • A competing Pizza-Palace issues a competition to see who can make the Pizza's faster.
  • Darth gets robbed by Mike Dent after Wayne gives him $2,000 to pay for a portion of his tab.
  • Nina Tries to Impress Her Boss by Looking After Her 13 year old Niece Sophie for the day and They also Join Jen and the Girls.
  • Brian accidentally traps Baby Emma in a newspaper vending box, and ends up uprooting the box (with Baby Emma inside) and placing it in her bedroom.
  • At Grind Me the Girls Mother are Chatting About how Well their Daughters are getting along.
  • The Clones debate Belts, Belts, Belts vs Soft Rock Cafe.
  • Jonesy coaches Malcolm to Make Pizza.
  • Mike Dent runs Wayne over and the two begin to fight.They roll into Tattoo Muscle Guy's shop, who captures them at gun point.
  • While Jen,Courtney,Nina,Jessica,Chelsea,Marlowe and Sopine Still Look Around Their Ran into Nina's Co-Workers Amber the hot dress girl and her Cousin Hilary Sorken and they also Tag Along.
  • Various Mallspeople advise Wyatt,Jude and Caitlin on how to remove the gum stuck in Caitlin's hair.
  • Pizza Palace Won the Competition.
  • At the Soft Rock Cafe Somebody gaze At the Girls when they Saw Jessica Hugging Jen,Even Her Mom Saw it.
  • Caitlin gets the gum cut out of her hair, leaving her with a different hairstyle.
  • Robbie and Diego laughs at Caitlin's new haircut, and at an extremely tall man in a small car, who gets out and humiliates Them to teach Them a lesson.
  • The girls conclude that life is interesting in their Mall after all.
  • At the ice Cream Parlor Amelie and Rebecca gives the Girls Free Ice Cream Sundaes After they Won a Coupons for Free Ice Cream,at the End They Laughed at Wayne Who Was still tied Up.


  • We Learn that Jessica and Chelsea's Parents are Divorced just like Jen and Courtney's Parents.
  • We Learn that Jen,Nina,Jessica and Chelsea are Ticklish.
  • We get to See Nina,Caitlin,Marlowe,Amber,Rebecca,Hilary,Amelie and Ellen's Mothers.
  • We Learn that Jonesy's Dad's First Name is Brian.

14.Supreme Seven part 1:Jul 11 2013

The Gang locate their parents' favorite band, SupremeSeven,to perform a reunion concert in the Mall to make up for Jonesy's Dad forgetting his wedding anniversary.

Guest Stars:Adam Levine as Will Wheeler,Sam Roberts as Bill Wheeler,Tyler Connolly as Leroy Adams, as Seth McCloud,Josh Groban as Terrace Finn,Celine Dion as Kendall Blues,Sheryl Crow as Tabitha and Robin Williams and Simon Johnson.

15.Supreme Seven Part 2:Jul 18 2013

The Gang Manage Reunite the Band But there still need to Will Wheeler back and he Refuses,When they Convinced to Back he and band made it to the Mall for Jen and Jonesy's Parents Anniversary.

Guest Stars:Adam Levine as Will Wheeler,Sam Roberts as Bill Wheeler,Tyler Connolly as Leroy Adams, as Seth McCloud,Josh Groban as Terrace Barkin,Celine Dion as Kendall Blues,Sheryl Crow as Tabitha and Robin Williams and Simon Johnson.

Season 2 has 26 episodes:September 5 2013.

1.Everybody Loves Jen:Sept 5 2013

Caitlin gets Jealous when Everybody at the Mall is talking the Nice things about Jen,She Thinks Jessica and Chelsea are Jen's Good Luck Charms.

2.Dare Factor:Sept 12 2013

Jonsey,Malcolm,Wyatt and Jude Complete Against each other in a Dare off and the Whole Mall joins in,Meanwhile Jen has to wear a sun dress for the whole day while her Grandmother is coming for a visit,which makes Jen feel embarrassed towards others who are making fun of her.

3.Bully Maddison:Sept 19 2013

When the Boys's Basketball team reaches the semi-finals and then the final, Riverdale High's regular coach is not available to teach Jen's class the badminton unit. An upper school student takes the role and sets about bullying the class into submission, with a particular penchant for abusing Jen, even out of lessons. Jen eventually takes a stand against the bully by challenging him to a game of badminton, Even Tough Jen wins'. The bully refuses to step down as coach but is sacked from her position,when The Girls Stand up to Her, and Her outburst is heard by the coach and Principal Harangue.

4.'Appy it:Sept 26 2013

Using a fake phone call app, Jen,Nina and Caitlin trick their moms into allowing them to go to a senior party. Their plan then backfires when their moms find out from Robbie and Diego and set out to track the girls down.

5.Masterson vs Garica:Oct 3 2013

Brian Rented a nice hotel and let him and Emma stay in their most romantic suite for one night for free. But when Emma gets into a fight at the supermarket and Brian does nothing, Emma and Brian vow not speak to each other. Meanwhile,Jen and Jonesy plan to have a party but when they find out that Emma and Brian are still mad at each other, they try to have a silent party. When they apoligize to each other, Brian and Emma figure out Jen and Jonsey are having a party and punish them by dancing awkwardly.

6.SuperTeens:Oct 10 2013

The Gang wish for superhero powers when they see a shooting star. Their wish comes true; Jude gets super speed, and Wyatt was Fire Powers,Jen Has Super Strength,Nina can Control Planet,Caitlin get Turn Invisible,Malcolm can control Metal and Jonesy can control Lightning.They learn that Ron is a super-villain, whose evil plot is to turn all Teens into mini adults with the help of his minions, Coach Halder (the Crusher), and Christo and Blade (Guardmen) ,who is hypnotized into giving diamonds to Ron. At the end, Jonsey realizes it was all a dream he had after eating three slices of cold pizza before bed.

7.People Auction:Nov 7 2013

After a fire burns down Pizza Place, the gang hold a people auction to raise money in order to rebuild it. Jonesy,Jude,Malcolm and Wyatt get auctioned to the Pizza Loving Cocah. Jen Nina, and Caitlin become Wyane's personal cheerleaders, and they are told to "cheer his awesomeness", as in cheer for everything he does. His plan backfires when the girls decide to cheer for everything he does.

8.Car Wash Battle:Nov 14 2013

The boys and the girls compete in the school fund raiser to see who can wash more cars. The boys team wants a hot tub, but the girls want to use the money more wisely. The boys, mainly Wyane, have bigger concerns than winning, while the girls band together to win.

9.Jen With a Secret Part 1:Nov 21 2013

Jen is Being Blamed by Pranking and Stealing her Friend and Family,Neither of the Them Trusts her Anymore,Not only did Jen get fired from her New Job,She was Banned from the Mall forever.Back at home Jen tries to Tell her Mom the Turth but she Won't Listen,But When Jen Tells her About the Divorce Emma Slaps her in the Face Even Courtney was furious at her mom for what she did and Vows that she will Never speak or forgive her ever again as she walked Jen to her Room.Jonsey saw Emma Crying in the Livin room after what he saw What Happen and Realize that Jen never did Prank and Steal from Them so in the End Jen and Jonsey travel to the United states to Clear her Name,Meanwhile Robbie and Diego Heard What Jen Said About Why the Garica Mother leave them and Fear they Might lose another mother.


  • Jen Reveals that her Father leave because her mom Never Listens to Him.

10.Jen With a Secret Part 2:Nov 28 2013

At the Mall Jessica had a fight with her Mom and she Runaway from her,Meanwhile the gang Realize that Jen never Pranked them and Realize that Jen is off to the united States so they Travel in a Plane along with Jessica,Chelsea,Courtney,Robbie and Diego,They saw The Pilot Revealed herself as Maddison Smiths who Tells them the She was responsible for Framing Jen and leaves the Plane while the gang are about to die,when the gang escape the plane crash they manage to Jen and Apologize for Not Believing her and tells her that Maddison was behind it,Meanwhile Emma travels with Hannah on a Bus to Find Jen.When Jen gets to the United States she Explain that she never Pull pranks and Steal of her love ones and Maddison Arrested.When Emma finally Found Jen she Apologize for what she did and tell her that She never meant to hurt and dout her,She Promise Jen that nothing will ever break their bond again and the both hugged each other even Courtney gived her while she join their Hug,Also Hannah Apologize to Jessica for Not Paying full attention to her and they hugged each other,She Told Jen that she's Rehired first thing tomorrow,on the plane back Home Emma said"When we get back to Canada you,me and Courtney are going to Spend time Together".


  • The gang Realize that they Never listen to Jen for Once.
  • Robbie and Diego reveals that They don't like Make People Miserable,but it's like a habit and said that their Mom didn't just leave them she was Shot.

11.The New Sqaud:Dec 5 2013

Jen,Nina and Caitlin Tryout for Tara's Chearleading Sqaud along with Amber,Hilary,Rebecca,Jane,Mikayla, Joanie,Amelie,Maya and Maria,Seen her Old Sqaud Quit.meanwhile Jonesy and the Boys Tryout for the Basketball Team.

12.The Cheer Off Finals:Dec 12 2013

The Girls were Ready for the Cheerleading competition,it was Cool on'til Former Cheerleader Ursula Record their routine to give to the Enemy Cheerleaders so their win,But the Girls Came up with a new routine and they won,In the End Larid recruits Ursula,Christina and Dominique in the Stingrays.

13.A Christmas to remember part 1:Dec 19 2013

Everyone's plans for Christmas are ready when the gang decides to thorw a Christmas party,Jen meets a little girl named Sofia (Ariel Winter). She says she and her family want the best Christmas ever. She made a Christmas promise she will do so; but it is said in the film that "you can't break a Christmas promise", and Jen does not realize she will have to give her family the "best Christmas ever".after the Party Jude got Arrested.

14.A Christmas to remember part 2:Dec 19 2013

They meet the cruel and embittered Officer Perry Fillmore ( Patrick Warburton), who says that he will take a vote from Sofia's family on Christmas asking them if they had the best Christmas ever. If any of them says no, the gang must go to jail. The duo soon meet Sofia's foster family, which include Jasmine and Stephinie(Jaclyn Forbes and Cameron Escalante), two frequently pounding-on-each-other twins,April (Darcy Rose Byrnes),Cleo (Sabrina Carpenter),Phoebe (Coco Grayson),Jade(Isabella Acres),Ruby(Fiona Bishop),Dean(Greg Cipes) Sofia's 17 year old Foster Brother,Chris(Hutch Dano)Sofia's 17 Year old Brother,Alan(Adam Hicks)Sofia's 17 Year old Brother, Alan(Yuri Lowenthal)Sofia's 17 year old Sister,Jenna and Judy(Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka)Sofia's 17 year old Twin Sisters.They find many possibilities in giving Sofia's family the best Christmas ever, but their attempts are foiled by Officer Fillmore.At the Christmas parade, Officer Fillmore tricks Coach Halder (who arrives in a DeLorean) into reminding the gang in front of Sofia that they were only being kind to her so that they would not go to prison. Sofia and her family leave and threaten to vote "no" when the courthouse asks them to vote, thinking jail as punishment for the gang for deceiving the family.

15.A Christmas to remember part 3:Dec 19 2013

the gang both decide to keep their promise no matter what after visit Officer fillmore's mother and claim they must hate them somehow for making their lives miserable. His mother claims that Officer Fillmore does not hate them and that he hates Christmas. Then, she tells them how Officer Fillmore always wanted a pet chimpanzee for Christmas when he was eight and how on Christmas morning, there was a monkey sitting by the tree in a cage. But when he opened the cage door, it attacked him, causing him to hate Christmas ever since,So they duo sends Officer Fillmore a sweet baby chimpanzee named Cookie as a Christmas present, completely changing his personality.then, they try to use Jude's wood chipper to make it snow in front of Sofia's house. The wood chipper shoots large chunks of ice through the neighborhood where Sofia lives and causes more trouble as it destroys everything. The chipper then knocks out the gang and the now-kind Officer Fillmore and the other officers take them home. The next morning, Officer Fillmore explained to Sofia and her family what really happened, and that The gang were not really trying to use them to stay out of prison. They went to the living room, where Sofia 's family and other people surprise them. They then have the vote on whether they all had the best Christmas ever or not, and everyone votes "yes", . As they start singing, Jude's former cell mate Butch comes down the chimney, breaking it in the process to deliver gifts to Sofia's family, including a Smith Royal oboe for Coach Halder.the Gang's parents then arrive home from their troubled vacation at their "bungalow", which is blown away earlier in a tropical storm. Everyone then plays in the blanket of "cheese snow", the film then draws to a close, as everyone has "The Best Christmas Ever".

16.Shakira in the Mall:Jan 9 2014

Caitlin ends her friendship with Jen After she Wins to Sing with Shakira on Stage,Caitlin avoids Jen for a while because she think's Jen's Selfish Because she wins and she doesn't,When Shakira invites Jen to sing with her she Invites Caitlin to sing with her too along with Nina,after they stop singing Jen and caitlin made up.

Special guest star: Shakira as Herself

17.Wyatt Loves Zoey:Jan 16 2014

After developing a crush on a girl named Zoey, Wyatt becomes too nervous to perform in the Open Mic Night, causing him to throw up on her and another guy. While cleaning up, Zoey falls in love with the other guy. Upon hearing this,Wyatt becomes really sad. Meanwhile, Jonesy and Wyane are having a go-kart race. But Wayne's out of control go-kart crashes into Zoey's table and Wyatt pushes her out of the way to save her and she kisses him and they start going out.

18.Hooray For Brianna:Jan 23 2014

Jen's favorite TV show "Brianna" gets canceled, leaving the girls to go to Hollywood to convince the writers to put it back. Once it does,Jen Iearns that Brinna is not who she thought she was.

Guest Star:Miley Cyrus as Molly Stuart/Brianna.

19.The Great Victor Jackson:Jan 30 2014

Victor Jackson appears to be the ladies' man, the best school athlete, and the savior of the football team. He helped Riverdale advance to the state championships.Little do people know, he is in fact a cheater;Malcolm caught him taking pictures of a history test with his cell phone.Malcolm must choose: not to tell the teacher and let Victor cheat more or make Riverdale lose its biggest football game. Jonsey,Wyatt,Jude and the football team convince him not to tell, but Amelie thinks he should. Meanwhile,Jen,Nina Caitlin and Marlowe put healthy snacks called Moon Bars to try to persuade the students to stop eating junk food, but ends in chaos as they turn out to be addictive after Caitlin put cactus juice in them to enhance their flavor.

20.Ski trip Battle:Feb 6 2014

Jen and Ursula both wait eagerly to get accelerator Snowboard,With only one left,Jude sets up a riddling scavenger hunt, and promises the a Snowboard to the winner and Free trip to Whistler.Jen and Ursula compete with their partners:Jen and Zack vs. Ursula and Laird.

21.Wedding Day to Remember:Feb 13 2014

Nina and the girls volunteer to organize Nina's aunt's wedding reception, but Nina's cousin,Antonia,is threatening to blow the entire thing apart because her mom didn't even ask her how she felt about the marriage.


  • Nina's underwear was exposed in this episode. She is revealed to wear dark purple Bra and panties.
  • The second time Nina gets tickled.

22.Behind The Family Lines part 1:Feb 20 2014

the Masterson-Garcias family goes to Palm springs for their Family reunion,But to Two Familes can't seem to get along.Jen and Courtney are to see their Dad and his Family,Jen and Courtney Meet Their Dad's Girlfriend Stella and her Daughter Jane.Meanwhile Nina and her family are at Punta Canta,Wyatt and his Family are at Chicago.Jude and his Family are in Seattle,Malcolm and his Family are in New York and Caitlin and her Family are in Hawaii.


  • We Learn that Courtney,Marcy,Kim,Kat and sam are Ticklish like Jen.

23.Behind The Family Lines part 2:Feb 27 2014

with the Masterson-Garica family still fighting their all decided to leave so in the end Jen and Jonesy finally got them to Stop Fighting and they Finally get along,They even took a Family Picture that says"One Happy Family"

24.Golden Eagles Society:Mar 6 2014

Jen,Zack,Nina,Wyatt,Caitlin and Jude are invited into a secret society at Riverdale high called the Golden Eagles Society.Malcolm is also invited to join, but he rejects the offer. Jonesy desperately wants to join, and pretends to be Malcolm in order to do so, but his disguise is quickly revealed. To get in, the rest of the group must do ridiculous deeds. Then Jonesy starts to make his own club, The Jonesy Knights.Also,Amelie acts weird around a new girl in school, Esmeralda ,when she suspects she knew Amelie from a while back.

25.Adventures In Baby Sitting:Mar 20 2014

The gang gets tickets to go to a concert, but Jen and Jonesy have to stay home and babysit since both their parents go on a couples retreat. But Jonesy decides to ditch Jen to go to the concert, leaving Jen with Robbie,Diego,Baby Emma and Some other kids.

Guest Stars:Big Time Rush as Themselves.

26.Jen's Birthday to Remember:Mar 27 2014

While the gang setting up for Jen's Birthday,She and Courtney are Bonding with their New stepmom Stella and her Daughter Jane,Meanwhile Robbie and Diego must Go one day without Pranking jen on her Birthday or they'll be sent to military school for the Whole Summer,Stella Invites her Friends Iris to Jen and Jane's Party along with Her Sister Mary and Daughter's Lydia and Rita.


  • We Learn that Jen and Jane Both have the same Birthday on the Same Day.
  • We Learn that Jen and Stella Both have alot in Common.
  • This is the Third time Jen has been caught in her underwear,causing Stella and Jane to laugh at her a little.
  • After Jen;s Party She's Finally going to a Snowboarding Trip to Whistler Along For the summer Along with Jane,Smithy and Zack.
  • Jane Tells Courtney that she Reminds her of her Sister Chloe who Died.
  • This is the Third time Jen gets Tickled.
  • This is the Second time Courtney Gets Tickled.
  • We learn that the teacher mrs.Brown is Lydia and Rita's Aunt.
  • we learn that Jane,Stella,Iris,Mary,Lydia and Rita are Ticklish.

27.Breakup in Rome Part 1:Apr 10 2014

The gang travel to Rome for the Summer There Jonesy reunites with his Girlfriend Nikki,However, a big misunderstanding begins when Nikki sees Jonesy with Amelie (who were just practicing the date) and mistakes her as the "hideous Rome girl".


  • Jen Didn't Appear in the 2 part Episodes and Will Return in Season 3.

28.Breakup in Rome Part 2:Apr 17 2014

the next day, the day of the anniversary, Jonesy sees Nikki with another guy, Klaus, who was just trying to cheer her up. Jonesy and Nikki start arguing about the misunderstanding, and decide it would be better if they broke up.


  • Jen Didn't Appear in the 2 part Episodes and Will Return in Season 3.

Season 3.has 28 episodes.

1-4.Senior Year-Clash of the New Students:Sept 3 2015

The Mall Opened a roller rink Where the Gang Reunites with Jen,Zack,Jane and Smithy who came back From Whistler.Robbie and Diego Meet Amelie's Sisters Denise and Brigitte and who immediately becomes their love interest.At school the gang are now seniors Principal Rogers said that Fifty new students and four new teachers arrive at Riverdale High.The gang meets Zeke,Janice,Roscoe,Caurso,SeSeto,Fiona,Flora,Megan,Amy,Aron,Jycella, Nick,Nicole,Laura,Dean,Chris,Alan,Blake,Keenan,Rodney,Ricardo,Rodney,Rondo,Rocky,Charlene,Darlene,Angel, Martin,Marvin,Silent L,Dante,Sasha,Jenna,Judy,Jayden,Dillon,Cole,Nia and Jen and Jonesy's Cousins Kat,Kim, Marcy,Sam,Damien,Josh,Henry and Gary.Jessica is sick of hearing how wonderful Charlene and Darlene's Mom is – she seems to do everything just perfectly. Jessica feels her own mom is pretty great and wants her to be recognized too. So she happens to mention that Her Mom used to be a movie star! Now Jessica has to prevent her friends and neighbors from discovering that her Mom’s acting career was limited to a supporting role in a high school play.Jen and Nina Remembers Janice,Megan,Fiona and Flora when they were Kids as they travel to Florida with them,Along with the Richler Girls Jenna and Judy who sing to jen on her 14 Birthday.The gang must Face their New Rivals the Red Dragons in the Kung Fu Tournament.Jonesy Roscoe,Caurso and SeSeto used to be a famous singers.At the Tournament when the gang won Laird Recuit the Red dragons to the Stingrays,Jessica tells Denise,Brigitte,Charlene and Darlene the Turth about her Mom and apologizes and they the end Zack Poses a toast to New friends and a New year.

5.The Heartbroken Society:Sept 10 2015

Jonesy leaves the Riverdale following his breakup with Nikki to join a Heart Broken Club which he hopes will help him get over the breakup,Malcolm,Zack,Wyatt and Jude are determined to go there and save Jonesy.

6.Wedding Blues:Sept 17 2015

Brain's Mom falls in love, but he tries to prove it's nothing but a facade.

7.Anger Management:Sept 24 2015

Jessica and Chelsea is Coach Halder's new assistant. However, the job is short-lived after Coach leaves Jessica and Chelsea an angry voicemail, which they showed to Jen,Zack,Marlowe,Zeke,Jonesy,Nina and Wyatt,Sam then puts it on the Internet and everybody hears the message.The Mall Inspector is unfortunately blamed for it when it ends up on a talk show. Anger struck, he sentences Coach to anger management classes. He can get out of the class if he manages to keep his cool outside of them, but Jen is out to do whatever she can to make sure he goes back there by intentionally provoking him. Meanwhile, Hilary eats nuts that Amber spit out, and becomes angry at Amber because she did not immediately tell her that those peanuts were in her mouth when she saw Hilary eating them.

8.Victor is Back:Oct 1 2015

The gang is surprised to find out that the bully and football star, Victor Jackson, is back after being expelled. The girls talk to Principal Rogers so he would expel Vince. The girls decide to just ignore him, which proves harder than expected when Ellen starts to constantly make out with him, but Jonesy,Wyatt,Malcolm and Jude decide that it's time for some revenge, or "comeuppance" as Jonesy calls it.

9.Haunted Mansion:Oct 8 2015

A rumor is circulating around the Mall that Mansion is haunted by a ghost named Lucius, whose left his wife during World War II. Meanwhile, Robbie and Diego plays practical jokes on everyone, embarrassing them around other people. Later, when they hear that Courtney has dropped her purse with a thousand dollars in Suite 613,Jen,Zack,Nina,Jonesy,Wyatt,Jude,Caitlin, {C Malcolm,Courtney,Jessica,Chelsea,Robbie and diego all run up to get it. On the way, Hannah tells them about Lucius, then leaves. When Brian finds them in the House later on, he tells them of the experience he had with House when he was only a Teen, Then Robbie and Diego dares Everybody to spend a night at Mansion and the person who runs out first owes the other five dollars. In the House, they try to talk to the spirit (Jen,Zack,Nina,Jonesy,Wyatt,Jude,Caitlin, Malcolm,Courtney,Jessica,Chelsea,Robbie, diego,Ethan and Ellan) getting Ellen possessed and making The Gang disappear then it is revealed to be a practical joke for Robbie and Diego. At the end of the episode, Robbie and Diego look for Little Emma's blanket when a Man who looks exactly like Lucius approaches them and gives Them back the blanket and leaves, passing through the wall with a portrait in the wall meaning the ghost of Lucuis is real.

10.Teens vs Monsters Part 1:Oct 15 2015

The story starts off in Riverdale 1937, on Halloween night where the townspeople storms to the mansion where Saphira the  witch has gathered the ingredients in order to summon the Demon Darkos.The ingredients follow: his spell book, her staff and Seven souls of Teenagers  In the mob, a young girl called mary looks for her Brother, Lucas who has been stolen by Saphira alongside with his Friends. When Darkos sucks out lucas's soul, the spell is uncompleted as the sun has rose, so Lucas's soul is left to float about the house leaving his body stone empty.Saphira is nearly arrested, but she dives through a mirror swearing revenge. Mary takes Lucas's stone body while her father takes Saphira's spell book. The Sheriff takes Saphira's staff and announces to the townspeople that he would board up Saphira's house to prevent anything else from happening.The scene then moves 75 years later in the present Riverdale where the gang are on a school trip to Saphira's mansion where Jude Release her. At Night of Halloween Saphira is Free and Turns the Stingrays into Dark Warriors under her Control and Steals Ethan's Soul in the end.

11.Teens vs Monsters Part 2 :Oct 22 2015

Saphira needs six More Souls of Teenagers to Free the Demon Zaladar,She captures Wayne, and later that night The clones who finds Saphira had invaded at Camp Woof-Woof.While trick or treating,Jen and Jonesy is lured away from Rita by hearing Emma's voice and She is taken as the Six victim.Meanwhile, the gang seek help from a gypsy named Zelda but Lucas finds the Gang. Lucas convinces Zelda and the gang to help him get back in his body. Zelda tells Lucas that if he doesn't get back to his body by sunrise, he would a ghost forever.Lucas, Zelda and the gang arrive at the graveyard where they find Lucas's body as a monument. Zelda starts chanting the spell to return Lucas to his body, which successfully works. Lucas, now as a normal teen again thanks the gang and runs off to celebrate.The gang Found Saphira in the old Haunted Mansion and Fought of the Stingrays,But Before Saphira could Touch Jycella and turn her into a Doll,Silent L took the Touch of Her in the end.

12.Teens vs Monsters Part 3:Oct 29 2015

Now that Saphira Has the All seven souls she Frees Zaladar from the Underworld and trapped gang at the Mansion,Now the Grade Niner must Save them.Sophie chants the reversing spell and manages to complete the chant just as the sun rises. Saphira tries to take Sophie with her into the mirror, but Mrs. Wheezer grabs Saphira and shoves her into the mirror.When Saphira's spell is broken on the teens she had taken, the Seven from that night as well as Six Teenagers from the 19th century including Mary's sister who reunites with her now-older sister and As for the Stringrays they were back to Normal.

13.Around the world adventure Part 1:Nov 5 2015

When the gang embark on a whirlwind world tour, their first stop is London, where they soon find themselves embroiled in an international spy mystery.

14.Around the world adventure Part 2:Nov 12 2015

Having barely escaped with their lives in the previous issue’s trip to London, Archie and his friends are looking for a more traditional vacation spot… a place filled with history and romance… and Madrid, Spain is just the place! The key word is romance, as Lydia and Rita are wooed by their teen guide, leaving Wyatt feeling whoa-ed. Even Ms. Brown becomes the object of someone’s affection! But mystery and danger make a handsome couple too, as the villain they’ve been evading continues to pursue them from the city to the country. A meeting with a beautiful mystery woman provides Zack with his first clue… with a herd of angry bulls! The mystery continues to deepen and Zack and Jonesy must figure out what is going on before things get really dangerous!

15.Around the world adventure part 3:Nov 19 2015

In this installment, Zack,Jonesy,Wyatt and Jude are kidnapped by smugglers and have to escape.Which is something of a shame, since I was actually hoping for more travelogue. I’d like to learn more about this part of the world, but much of what I read was a generic desert adventure that could as well be happening in Arizona. I missed having someone explain to me what makes Nairobi unique. What are the local foods? Pastimes? Industries? The artist draws local color well, but it’s not labeled or elaborated on for the reader. Educate me! Don’t waste the setting!

16.Around the world adventure part 4:Nov 26 2015

When gang set out on their quest to see five cities in ten days, they looked forward to getting as many sightseeing thrills as possible. Little did they know they’d get a heaping helping of suspense and intrigue as well! Now, Marcy’s been kidnapped and the race is on to find and rescue her before it’s too late. This leads to a whirlwind trek from Rome to Zurich in pursuit of the mysterious “Green Man” and his minions. Along the way the gang will befuddle the Italian police, trash a movie set, stowaway on a jet, frustrate the Zurich police, storm a fortress, confound half the criminal underworld – and somehow still come off as good ambassadors of the United States! Don’t miss this hysterical, fast-paced, action-packed salute to super-spy films everywhere, as Zack finally unravels the Green Man’s plans and discovers a plot that could bring Europe to its knees (and imagine how much that will hurt)!

17.Bad Hair day:Dec 3 2015

After Jen,Nina,Jessica and Chelsea leave for an event, Caitlin attempts a world record, blowing the biggest bubble of gum. He is thwarted by Captain Sticky, and the gum is promptly splattered on his hair, worrying her that she may get punished by her parents. Jonesy agrees to cut his hair, but when the Caitlin is shown her reflection, she looks in horror at the worst haircut that she has ever been given.

Jonesy,Wyatt,Reynaldo,Jude and Malcolm then convince her that it is the official hairstyle of a rock band named Dog's Pajamas. Many other people hear of this through The Clones and more and more students line up to get "the Caitlin" from Jonesy and Reynaldo (Wyatt,Jude and Malcolm acted as a rather obnoxious schedule manager), including Ron, who gives them a royal procession.

Unfortunately, Jen,Nina,Jessica and Chelsea arrive (Jessica and Chelsea with a 1st prize ribbon on their front) and tease the haircuts, revealing the truth: Dog's Pajamas does not have botched up haircuts, they have hair that trails down to their butts.Wyatt,Jude and Malcolm quickly escapes, but Jonesy and Reynaldo are chased by an angry mob of their clients. The girls asks Janice if they should help them, but Janice refuses, after Reynaldo push her in the Closet.

18.Dinner For Two Many:Dec 10 2015

Janice wants to go on a date with just Zeke, with none of their other friends, at a restaurant called Vaccaro. Meanwhile, Caitlin hates having to sneak around when spending time with Jude, and they plan a romantic dinner as their first official date. They also decide to go to Vaccaro, thinking that no one else at the mall could afford the food there. Both couples, however, end up sitting right next to each other. Janice notices them, and after two different lies told to cover up their secret, Reynaldo and Nicole end up joining the two couples, creating more chaos.

19-20.A New Christmas To Remember:Dec 17 2015

On Christmas Eve, the Gang and their Parents head to Jen's Grandmother's Cabin,they decorated the house and found a tree.Jessica Invited her Neighbor Jasmine(Cameron Escalante) and her Mom (Caroline Rhea),The carolers are none other Stella's sister Sabrina and her Family as they sing "Deck the Halls." At the end, everyone gets together and sings a musical number, "The Best Christmas of All".

Guest stars: Cameron Escalante as Jasmine,Caroline Rhea as Jasmine's Mom,Richard Griffiths as Santa Claus,

21.New year Party:Dec 31 2015

while the Parents are out the gang throws a New Years Eve Party.

22.Pam on Riverdale:Jan 7 2016

A science star named Pam ivy attends Riverdale and is going to install her new energy converter to make Riverdale run on "Pam Power". This upsets Sam  because she realizes that she may no longer be the smartest girl on campus, and she gives up science. When the energy converter threatens to cause a catastrophe Sam realizes her science gift is needed when she saves the school from a near meltdown. Meanwhile, Jonesy and the Guys try to make Wayne think that he is going crazy for a psychology class project after he refuses to do his share of the work. The guys hire Hannah 's little person cousin to help out with their prank.

23.Hands up:Jan 14 2016

There is a contest to see who can keep their hand on a Blix van for the longest. The winner gets Free up to Los Angeles for the Summer and gets to Bring their Friends and Family, and many people are determined that they can win. Laird tries to win by lying about breaking his leg, scaring students off, sneezing on their hands and he requested a chair so the competition would be easier for him. Laird gets Lydia to lose by offering to be her boyfriend for a week. Jen wins by tricking Laird who ends up stuck with Lyida.

24.Secret world of Girls:Jan 21 2016

Jen hosts a slumber party, but Jonesy plans to sell tickets to watch the party in order to buy a High Definition TV.

25.Orchestra:Jan 28 2016

Jessica becomes jealous of the new violinist Sergina, a Russian prodigy. When Sergina starts to flirt with Keenan,She becomes jealous and determined to win him Over at the orchaestra's performance at the School.

26.The Beauty and the Pest:Feb 4 2016

Jonesy,Malcolm,Wyatt,Jude,Roscoe,Caurso and Desoto create a fake beauty pageant so they can meet girls. Meanwhile,Nina enters the s pageant to try to beat Nia, and hires Jen as her coach.

27.Emma Needs a Shower:Feb 11 2016

Emma convinces Miranda to throw her a baby shower, but the shower takes an unexpected twist when Little Emma blurts out all the horrible things her mom said about her guests. Innocent her makes them angry and causes them to leave.

28.Poetic Justice:Feb 18 2016

Jessica teaches Rosa how to spit poetry, who does poorly at first, but does phenomenal on stage, leaving a jealous Jessica in her wake.

29.The Pizza Next Door:Feb 25 2016

Moe's old rival, Vito, returns, and opens a similar restaurant near The Pizza Palace, thus named The Pizza the Gang must get the customers Back.

Feature FlimsEdit

1.7teen Graduation Musicial:Coming in June 25 2016

The 7teen gang of are Ready for Graduation,But they Realize They'll be separated after graduating from high school and they discover the nefarious plan of CBO Manager Rex Millioniare (Thomas Haden Church) is plaining to Destroy the Galleria Mall and turn it into a Casino,So the Gang Band together to stage the Musical Telethon to raise $12-million to Save the mall.

2.7teen LA adventure:Coming august 27 2016

The Gang and their Family Goes to Los Angeles for the Summer Vacation where they Meet Stella's Side of the Family,New Friends and team up with Real Spies to Stop Real Villians.

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